Tony Marsh MethodTM
Instant Conversation with the Language Matrix
Mission and philosophy of our Method
Learning to speak a language is like learning to ride a bike – it’s something you have to do in order to learn. So trying to learn to speak a foreign language by studying the language is like learning to ride a bike by reading a book about it.
You don’t learn a language so you can speak it, you speak a language so you can learn it. That’s the natural way – the way we all learned our first language.
The problem is: how can you speak the language if you don’t know the language? My solution to this problem is the Language Matrix™, which will allow you to begin conversing in any language instantly simply by mixing and matching building blocks on a matrix.
I’ve used my method to teach the FBI, Navy, NATO, and many other corporate, government, and private students.
Using my method, my FBI students scored a 1.5 out of 3 in one month, which typically takes over one year to achieve.
Check out my books and videos or schedule a sample lesson to see how you can learn Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, or English with the Tony Marsh Method™.
One-on-one lessons (or very small groups [maximum 3 people]) with Tony Marsh on Skype. 100% money-back guarantee that this is the world’s fastest way to become conversational in a language.
One-day, 5 hour class that will have you conversing in the language or your money back.
One-day, 5 hour classes and/or on-going training for professionals. My former clients include: FBI, Navy, NATO, Motorola, Panasonic, Four Seasons Hotels, Hyatt Hotels,  Coeur Mining!
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TMM has had the honor of working with the following clients:
What People Say

Tony’s unique approach to teaching Spanish allowed me to quickly fill in the gaps while expanding vocabulary and fluency. Tony doesn’t waste time on traditional grammar instruction, focusing instead on useful expressions and content blocks.
I later applied the Tony Marsh Method™ principles to French, while preparing for my move to Paris. It has sped up my learning process and made my transition to life in France much easier.
Pola Henderson

Travel Blogger, Jetting Around

I have tried to learn many languages through formal lessons, but always got bored with the useless vocabulary and grammatical rules. Tony’s innovative method is completely the opposite: you can tailor the lessons to suit your vocabulary needs and learn faster than any formal class. 
I have only taken around 8 hours of Arabic and I already understand many conversations around me and can hold basic conversations in the language… in a formal setting I would still be stuck at “How are you?”.
Maria Herrara

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Athens, Greece

Tony is on the cutting edge of language learning. His method has me conversing with native speakers faster than any other teacher or book. His method gives me the confidence not only to think, “I can learn a language”, but that language learning can be really fun!
Kevin Triplett

Engineer, Saudi Arabia

Tony is a master at language acquisition. I have never encountered a method as effective as his.
Daniel Hernandez

CEO of FAYO Bilingual Training Institute

Really cool! The Matrix Method and Tony’s teaching combined is really cool. Only a 30 minute session and I can already have a conversation.
Nick Barone

High School Spanish Student