Tony Marsh is a former Arabic Cryptologic Linguist for the United States Air Force. He teaches Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, English, and beginner French, Italian, and Mandarin.


In 2010 he began developing a method for teaching language that allows students to begin using the language immediately by mixing and matching words and phrases on a matrix/grid (spreadsheet). The result is that you learn the language by speaking the language - the same way you learn to ride a bike by riding a bike.

The Language Matrix™ approach is an expression of the 'fractal' shape that we see in so many ways in life - such as in rivers, trees, and the human body - branches upon branches upon branches. Conversation grows like a tree, and verbs are seeds.

Tony Marsh has used this method to teach the FBI, Navy, NATO, Motorola, Hyatt Hotels, British Navy, French Air Force, and hundreds of private students.

Using the method, Tony's FBI students scored a 1.5 out of 3 in Arabic in one month, which typically takes over one year to achieve.

After a month of study, Tony's NATO student called his results "a miracle."

Tony is on the cutting edge of language learning. His method has me conversing with native speakers faster than any other teacher or book. His method gives me the confidence not only to think, “I can learn a language,” but that language learning can be really fun!
— Kevin Triplett, Engineer, Saudi Arabia